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Astrid Klein

Episode 2  "Sehnsucht"

Archetype: The Orphan

18.11.2021 – 03.03.2022

The Orphan feels lonely and unappreciated, and because she has not internalized strong parental figures, she can feel aimless and untethered. 


She needs to learn that there is no home in the outside world and therefore has to create a home in herself...


Two works are presented in this stage of the journey.

A painting with the inscription "Je suis fait d'ombre" (I am made out of shadow) and "Je suis dans la nuit muette" (I am in the silent night).

A light sculpture - stating "follow your bliss" - with a red Ariadne's thread running through the inner. It appears confused...


Only if the orphan finds a way to integrate the emerging feelings of helplessness the journey can continue...

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