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Andreas Greiner

03.09.2021 – 03.11.2021

Episode 1  "Ursprung"

Archetype: The Innocent

03.09.2021 – 03.11.2021

The Innocent is an optimist who can only see the good in people and the world.

He is spurred on by his naive trust in the world and embodies the joy of creating but struggles with repression, irrationality and the compulsion to conform...


A hopefully planted forest, completely destroyed by beetles, still living on a screen. 

832 buckwheat seeds lined up in mathematical beauty, but when planted and fully grown barely enough to cover the annual Co2 consumption of a german citizen. 

A collector's coin pays homage to the dreams of Mars of a new generation.

A work of art that fails because of its own energy consumption. 

A young tree hanging in an artificial grow station...


Suddenly the innocent optimist experiences unforeseen disappointments in his naive urge to create.


He feels orphaned and is filled with desire (Sehnsucht)...

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