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Exploring the
Archetypal Story of
"The Hero's Journey". 

The Hero's Journey

The path to a fulfilled self - perhaps the most difficult journey.

Already in Homer 3,000 years ago, this path is told as a hero's journey, which each of us embarks on again and again in large and small ways.

The psychologist C.G. Jung researched that we humans repeatedly go through 12 similar, psychological phases in which we react to our experiences in similar patterns.

These basic patterns can be found in almost all narratives in human history and recur across all continents, times and cultures: In cave drawings, religious writings but also in every corner of the present – even in Star Wars.

It’s crucial that each phase can take a positive as well as a negative development. If one fails, for example, in an optimistic phase to process a negative experience, one can become a pessimist. This can last until one accepts the experience and integrates it. 

Depending on personal characteristics, each person is confronted with different aspects in each stage.

Some are prominent and dominate the life experience, others pass almost unnoticed. Some shape us continuously - even on a social level.

ODYSSEY invites the you to contend with your own journey and the emotions associated with each phase.

During the course of 24 months 12  artists will tell the story of "The Hero’s Journey" and it‘s archetypes...

Season 01 – 12 Episodes

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